Hobart – Dishwasher – CL64EN

Hobart Conveyor Dishwasher CL64EN

Clean with precision and ensure a spotless shine with the Hobart CL64EN Commercial Conveyor Dishwasher. This high performance dish machine cleans through 342 racks an hour using only 0.39 gallons of water. With Hobart’s signature Opti-Rinse Technology, conserve more than 50% of water and energy compared to traditional commercial dish machines.




This dishwasher is fully automatic with chemical sanitizing on the final rinse or field-convertible high temperature sanitizing. Hinged double doors with interlock switches for convenient opening and closing. Doors lock securely so dishes can wash without interruption.


19-1/2” chamber height opening. Featuring a top-mounted control module with micro-processor, it becomes easy for you to monitor and change the speed and function, including putting into an energy-saving mode when not in use. Low temperature and dirty water alerts help ensure a thorough clean each time, and the De lime notification alerts operators when the cleaning agent has lime in it.


Durable stainless steel construction panel, legs, and frame, with two drive arms inside to prevent jamming of ware washing racks. Electronic sensors notify operators when it’s time to service to enhance overall service quality and life.


Clean up to six (6) full-sized pans in one go. Overall dimensions of 64-3/4”Wx30-1/4”Dx68-1/2”H. Heavy duty stainless steel pump and impeller that’s removable for easy cleaning.


Additional Features include:

  • Hobart model CL64EN Conveyor Dishwasher has a stainless steel construction for durability and reliability
  • There are hinged doors to simplify the cleaning process
  • Measurement of this dishwasher is 64-3/4″Wx30-1/4″Dx68-1/2″H
  • Weight of this dishwasher is 880 lb.
  • Hourly capacity of this dishwasher is 342 racks
  • Each rack uses 0.39 gallons of water
  • This dishwasher operates on Opti-Rinse technology for decreasing the energy and water consumption by 50% or more
  • There are two drive arms in-built in the dishwasher so that the ware washing racks are not jammed into each other
  • The dishwasher can fit approximately six (6) full-size sheet pans in one round
  • For longer life span, the dishwasher features a rinse nozzle
  • There is a patent-pending door seal system for security
  • Opening height of the chamber is 19-1/2″
  • The dishwasher features dirty water indicator to inform you when it is time to change the water
  • There is an energy saver mode to make sure the power does not get drained too much, specifically when you are not washing any dishes
  • Delime notification featured in this equipment helps you know when there’s risk of mineral build-up