Irinox – ICY L

Irinox – ICY L

Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer – (13-27 GN 1/1 or 60*40 cm)

Irinox Icy is the only blast chiller that can blast chill and shock freeze your products, even straight out of the oven.

Irinox is the premium brand in blast chilling and shock freezing. Their line of ICY reach in cabinets are easy to use with intuitive touch screen controls and a selection of sizes to meet your needs. The blast chilling functions will get cooked food products out of the danger zone (40 to 140 °F), where bacteria grow fastest, by rapidly lowering core temperatures to 37 °F; making certain you are meeting the guidelines for safe food handling.



The shock freezing function is key to preserving textures in foods. It converts moisture into micro crystals, reducing the changes to foods structure during the freezing process, maintaining quality, and extending the shelf life of product. It can delicately freeze leavened products or deep freeze proteins. Having an Irinox blast chiller / shock freezer is a game changer. It will allow you to streamline process, extend shelf life and drastically reduce concerns related to food safety.