UNOX – CHEFTOP-X™ Digital.ID™ – XEDA-1021-GXRS

UNOX – CHEFTOP-X™ Digital.ID™ – XEDA-1021-GXRS

  • Combi oven
  • Gas
  • 10 trays GN 2/1
  • Hinge on the left side
  • 16″ Touch control panel

Professional high-performance combi oven equipped with a stateof-the-art operating system and intelligent technology designed to
perfectly handle any gastronomy, pastry and bakery cooking
process. It is ENERGY STAR® certified for low-consumption
performance and waste reduction, also thanks to its automatic
washing system with recirculation. CHEFTOP-X™ has a cooking
chamber moulded in 316L steel and an integrated RO.Care water
filtering system that eliminates the need of external treatments. It is
equipped with an integrated microphone to enable voice control
and interaction with UNOX’s Corporate Chefs to receive cooking
assistance directly through the interactive panel. The Digital.ID™
advanced operating system allows to save the entirety of one’s
favourite settings on the account and to transfer them from an oven
to another in a few seconds. With the Digital.ID™ app, it is possible
to control the oven through smartphones as well as customise







Manual set
• Cooking steps: up to 9
• Temperature: 30 °C – 300 °C
• Preheating: up to 300 °C
• CLIMA.Control: humidity setting from 10% to 100% and
continuous measurement of the actual humidity present in the
cooking chamber
• Fan speed: 5 continuous speeds (2.700 rpm) and 2
AIR.Tornado speeds (3.600 rpm)
• Storable programs: 1000+
• Delta T cooking with core probe
• Customisable semi-automatic programmes. They suggest
temperature, ventilation and humidity settings based on the
type of cooking chosen by the operator (grilling, browning,
steaming, etc.).
Automatic set
• Individual.CHEFUNOX: intelligent feature that asks for users’
feedback on recently completed cooking processes. It uses
machine learning technology to elaborate the feedback
received, learn operator preferences, and improve preset
cooking programmes in the built-in cooking library. Parameters
will automatically be set for the next cooking procedure
• MULTI.Time: manages and monitors up to 10 cooking
processes at the same time