YPT – Flame-Mate 2.0 – Double Unit – Rice Roll Steamer – ERS-2C

YPT – Flame-Mate 2.0 – Double Unit – Rice Roll Steamer – ERS-2C

  • Environmental Steamer, Rice Roll Steamer – Double Unit




Function –          Rice roll steaming
Form –          1200 width x 1050 depth x (810 + 360 backsplash) height in mm
Construction –          Insulated flue-tube heat exchanger with AISI444 for high efficiency of steam generation

–          One push button for flame failure device and ignition

–          Metal framework is made of AISI 304 stainless steel

–          Insulation underneath tabletop

–          1 nos of swivel faucet mounted on backsplash

–          Built in double rice roll pan


MEP ratings

–          Type of Gas: LPG / NG / Town Gas, specify when ordering

–          Gas power: 42kW, at 0.5 psi

–          Gas connection size: DN20

–          Water supply connection size: DN15

–          Water drainage connection size: DN40

–          Electrical connection solenoid valve: 220V/SPN/50Hz/25W

Capacity –          Double rice roll tray for mass production
Sanitation –          Extruded seamless table top

–          Removable perforated drainage for hygiene.

Accessories –          Water Regulator & water softener
Safety –          Electromagnetic valve with instant gas cut off (<3s)

–          Extra width exhaust with cover design for reduction of CO

–          Water level detection and overheat protection

Special Requirements –          Recommended to install water filter and water softener (especially for HARD water zone) to prevent limescale formation. Please check with KEC for details
Option –          Gas regulator (recommended)