Giorik – Unika 700 – 2-Zone Induction Hob On Open Base Unit – CI-720G

Giorik – Unika 70 – 2-Zone Induction Hob On Open Base Unit – CI-720G





Product Features

  • Exteriors made of steel throughout
  • 1.2mm thick top
  • 6mm-thick ceramic glass hob, easy to clean and fitted with individually controlled cooking zones
  • Induction heating activated by the presence of ferromagnetic pans on the hob (minimum diameter of pan bottom: 120mm)
  • Constant performance induction generators regardless of the type of pan used (provided it has ferromagnetic bottom)
  • Front panel with LED indicator light showing hob status: fixed green LED light when the pan is on the cooking zone; red warning LED light in case of malfunctioning
  • Absence of external heating sources guarantees less heat dispersion into work area and greater operator safety
  • Faster cooking times thanks to reduced heat loss since heat is generated directly in the pan
  • Energy saving since heat is only generated if a pan is placed on the hob

General technical data

  • Dimensions: (mm) 400x700x900
  • Volume: (m³) 0,5
  • Weight:: (Kg) 70

Electrical connection

  • kW 7
  • VAC 400/3N 50/60Hz