Mibrasa – Robata Beast with Mibrasa Oven – DUORM100-HMB75

Mibrasa – Robata Beast with Mibrasa Oven – DUORM100-HMB75

Robata Beast & Compact Oven


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The Mibrasa DUO is an integral solution for
restaurants that want to maximize their cooking
production with the best possible execution and
In one sole unit, the DUO is made up of two
Mibrasa grilling machines: Charcoal oven and Robata
Beast; a synergy that guarantees chefs absolute
control through an agile workspace that in turn
speeds up cooking processes.
Each Mibrasa grilling machine features unique
characteristics that enable different cooking
processes. This combination allows us to work
with all simultaneously and as a result maximizes
the capacity forcreation.


RM 100   HMB 75

Fire up time* 30 min-average  45 min-average
Cooking temperature 250 ºC  250 – 350 °C
Covers per service* NA 75 – 95
Cooking surface area 6x (384 x 316 mm)
6x (653 x 316 mm) 540 x 395 mm
Initial charcoal load1 10 kg 10 kg
Charcoal load duration2 5 h 7 h
Equivalent power* 4.5 kW 3.5 kW
Exhaust rate 2800 m3/h 2800 m3/h
Net weight 661 kg
Crated weight 842 kg
Crated dimensions 2010 x 970 x 1870 mm