Mibrasa – Robata – RM -SE- 115

Mibrasa – Robata – RM -SE- 115

Worktop Robatayaki grill with 3 tiers and elevation system


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Inspired by the centuries-old Japanese style of cooking Robatyaki,
or often known as Robata, we have created the Mibrasa® Robatayaki.
A multi-tier open charcoal grill equipped with accessories to perform a range of cooking techniques using grills, Teppanyaki hot
plates or skewers. Robata grilling lends to an array of foods from
meat, fish, seafood and vegetables, imparting light smoky aromas
and flavors we seek in grill cooking.

Originating from the Japanese tea ceremony, which overtime
found its way to the north Japanese fishermen utilizing this method to keep food hot while out at sea for long periods. The evolution of the Robatayaki has brought it into the modern kitchen,
where chefs prepare the food and display their showmanship in
front of diners allowing them to take part in the entire cooking

  • Reference RMSE115
  • Fire up time* 30 min
  • Cooking temperature 250 ºC
  • Max nº grills / level 3
  • Initial charcoal load1 7 kg
  • Charcoal load duration2 5 h
  • Equivalent power* 2 kW
  • Exhaust rate 3000 m3/h
  • Net weight3 195 kg
  • Crated weight3 258 kg
  • Crate dimensions
  • (Width x Depth x Height) 1360 x 560 x 1240 mm