Rational – Care Tabs – 150 Pieces – 56.00.562

Rational – Care Tabs – 150 Pieces – 56.00.562

Rational Care tabs for SelfCookingCenter with CareControl – 150 pieces

Care substances actively protect against limescale in the steam generator and in the cooking cabinet before it even forms and extend the lifetime of the cooking system. Operational reliability without a water softener and time-consuming descaling.


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The maintenance products have been specially adapted to the needs of the Rational devices. Only the use of original Rational maintenance products guarantees you the value of your investment. Original Rational maintenance products stand for:

– Best cleaning results

– Ideal long-term maintenance

– Minimum costs for cleaning and maintenance

– Powerful against dirt and lime

– Maximum operational reliability

– Maximum yield

– Optimal hygiene security for healthy dishes

Highly efficient maintenance substances actively protect and decisively extend the life of your SelfCookingCenter. Special lime solvents present in the Care tabs prevent limescale deposits before they are formed. Maximum operational reliability without water softening and cumbersome descaling is always assured.

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