Rational – iVario – Pro-L

Rational – iVario – Pro-L

iVario® Pro L


> 100 Liter useful volume

> 39 dm² frying area

Manual mode

> Boiling: 30 °C – boiling temperature

> Pan frying: 30 °C – 250 °C

> Deep-frying: 30 °C – 180 °C


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The iVario is one of the most modern cooking systems for maximum productivity, flexibility and simplicity when boiling, frying, deep-frying and pressure cooking, and therefore replaces almost all conventional cooking appliances. Its unique heating technology offers maximum power and precision, and thanks to its intelligent cooking assistants, who thinks and supports you to achieve outstanding food quality every time, without any monitoring or checking. Up to 4 times as fast, with up to 40% less energy and a huge space gain compared to conventional cooking appliances. This means that an iVario will pay for itself within just a few months.

Intelligent assistants

  • iVarioBoost

iVarioBoost is the patented heating technology made from ceramic heating elements,which are connected with the fast-response, scratch-resistant high-performance pan base.

Therefore, the iVario heats the pan evenly to 200 oC (392 °F) in less than 2.5 minutes and quickly reduces its temperature, if necessary.

At the same time, there is enough reserve capacity available to quickly absorb temperature fluctuations when searing large quantities or pouring in liquid. For you this means maximum performance, but also no sticking or boiling over. The device delivers great results and boosts

productivity by as much as fourfold, while reducing cooking losses by 17 % and energy consumption by 40 %.

  • iCookingSuite

The iCookingSuite is your intelligent cooking assistance for the iVario, providing ease of use and the greatest possible support for cooking. Intelligent sensors in the pan base recognize the load size, the condition and size of the food, and continually adjust the cooking process.

As soon as you need to take some action, the iCookingSuite will let you know. For you this means full reliability and a high standard of quality. At the same time, you save on monitoring, time, raw materials and energy.

  • iZoneControl

With iZoneControl, you can divide the pan base into individual heating zones and operate them with different temperatures or cooking paths. Areas that are not in use are not heated.

This makes one big iVario into four little iVarios. You specify the desired result and start the cooking sequence for the desired zones. For you, this means high flexibility, time savings and always having everything under control.

  • Programming mode

With the programme management, manual programmes can be intuitively created and intelligent cooking paths can be saved and clearly managed with their customised settings.