Rational – Self Cooking Centre – SCC62E

Rational – Self Cooking Centre – SCC62E

Combi Electric Oven – (6 GN 2/1)




The Rational SCC62E Electric Self Cooking Centre is a unit your kitchen cannot simply do without, at your fingertips you have access to the cooking experience gathered by hundreds to chefs over decades. You select your desired result for any product from joints of meat through to cookies and then simply forget about it until they are ready, allowing you to get on with other elements of the kitchen during a busy service. With up to 60 check measurements per minute, the SelfCookingControl ensures precision control of the cooking process. Always perfectly matched to the needs of the food.


Complete with:

  • 7 cooking modes including meat, poultry, fish, side dishes, egg dishes, backed products and finishing
  • Even distribution of energy in the unit
  • Self-teaching operation, adapts to actual usage
  • TFT colour monitor and touch screen with self-explanatory symbols to ease of use
  • Centre dial with “push” function to confirm settings
  • Core temperature probe with 6-point measurement
  • 350 programs with up to 12 steps can be selected as required
  • USB port



  • No. of Meals – 60-160 meals per day
  • Capacity (GN-container/grids) – 6 X 2/1GN
  • Temperature Range – (30°C-300°C)
  • Power – 22.3 kW
  • Electrical supply – 3 NAC 400 V
  • Water Connection (pressure hose) – R 3/4″
  • Water outlet – DN 50
  • Weight – 148.5kg
  • Dimensions – 782 (h) x 1069 (w) x 971 (d) (mm)