Rieber – Thermoport – 4.0-1000KB

Rieber – Thermoport – 4.0-1000KB

The new cooking thermoport®





The thermoport® 4.0-1000 KB is more than a mere food transport box. In combination with the Rieber gastronorm360 (standardised container and lid system), the new thermoport® 4.0-1000 KB is turned into a mobile kitchen. Supplemented by the Rieber °CHECK digitalisation and organisation system, this unit facilitates a safe, transparent and traceable process.


Due to the new circulating air heating system with significantly improved heating output, a digital control that is precise to the specific degree Celsius up to a temperature of +85 °C and optimised heat circulation, the thermoport® 4.0 is not just suitable for keeping food warm and transporting it but also for regenerating and low-temperature cooking. The combination with the vacuumable vaculid® lid will be perfect for low-temperature cooking. The steam slider in the door ensures improved regulation in overpressure situations. In addition,the heater is now protected by a raised casing edge.


Even refrigerated food can be stored in the thermoport® 4.0. The use of a GN 1/1 cooling pellet in connection with the activated fan allows you to keep refrigerated food cold over long periods of time. The thermoport® 4.0 1000 KB is a front-loader with a maximum filling volume of 52 litres and an operating range of -20 °C to +100 °C and is perfectly suited for daily use.