Rieber – Thermoport – 4.0-3000 HYBRID

Rieber – Thermoport – 4.0-3000 HYBRID

Expansion of the premium class made of stainless steel




               From now on the thermoport® 4.0 3000 hybrid hot/cold is part of the thermoport® premium class made of stainless steel. It is a front loader and mobile. It is perfect for transporting and serving hot and chilled food. The special feature of this thermoport® is that it is divided into two completely isolated sections. Food can be regenerated, cooked at low temperatures or kept warm in the top section by the active heating system. This section has a capacity of approx. 70 litres with 16 support rails.

               Two options are available for the lower section. A neutral compartment in which meals can be passively cooled using cooling pellets, for example, is located in the lower section with the “passive” version. An active cooling system (refrigerant 134A) with a digital control is located in this section with the “active” version. The lower section has a capacity of approx. 44 litres with 8 support rails. A thermoport® is therefore suitable for any job. Rustproof stainless steel on the inside and outside not only guarantees excellent insulation and consequently meets the most stringent hygiene requirements, but also ensures perfect quality. The thermoport® 4.0 3000 hybrid hot/cold is IP X4 splash-proof (with the heating system removed) and suitable for a temperature range of between +2 °C and +100 °C.

                  Supplemented by the Rieber °CHECK digitalisation and organization system, this unit facilitates a safe, transparent and traceable process. The standard equipment with a QR code and serial number ensures that the unit can be clearly assigned and identified and that processes can be organised. The QR code also allows the storage of productspecific data, such as operating instructions and recipes.

                  The °CHECK sensors are used for automatically measuring the temperature of the interior of the thermoport®. The thermoport® is available with or without sensors. They can be retrofitted at any time.