Salva – Bread Slicers – TZ-45

Salva – Bread Slicers – TZ-45

Equipment for slicing loaves. There are different machine configurations depending on the type of customer and the type of bread to be sliced (round, elongated, hard crust, softu2026). They have robust, reliable mechanics and count on numerous innovations in terms of safety, design, ergonomics and performance. Both table-mounted and free-standing bread slicers are available.




These slicers are easy to use, produce quality slices and are ergonomic.

It can easily slice largue round leaves, once sliced the slices are held by the flaps.

A highly resistant 7 litre box is provided for crumb collection

Optionally, it can be supplied on a trolley on wheels fitted with a shelf for placing bags (TZ-45).