Salva – Convection Oven – KWIKCO

Salva – Convection Oven – KWIKCO

Kwik-co is a electrical oven with advanced design of straight lines and last generation materials, it opens a new oven concept, witch is ideal for shops, big surfaces, café shops and to cook facing the public.


  • KL-5+H+KXE-20+H
  • KX-9+H+KXE-20+H


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KWIK-CO ovens are forced convection ovens with fixed trays which can produce a wide range of products thanks to the use of cutting-edge materials and high-quality components. They stand out thanks to their meticulous design with straight lines and glass. The main characteristics of these units are: highly consistent baking, low consumption and a modern design. They can also be fitted with a number of accessories, such as: direct fermentation heater or vapour condenser, increasing the range of businesses where they can be used.


High production

  • A large production oven in a compact space.


Modern appearance

  • Careful, demanding design to accompany your business style.


Show baking

  • The ideal oven for your shop.


Responsiveness for your business

  • You will always have freshly baked goods.