Sammic – Hand mixer & blender combo – MB-31

Sammic – Hand mixer & blender combo – MB-31

Professional hand blender and beater. 400 W.

Variable speed motor block.

306 mm detachable mixer arm designed for continuous use in recipients of up to 30 litres.

Whisk with capacity for 2 to 50 egg whites.


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Specifications Sheet

  • Total loading: 400 W

Liquidiser function

  • Maximum recipient capacity: 30 l
  • Maximum working depth: 207.3 mm
  • Motor speed: 1500 – 12000 rpm
  • Blade diameter: 55 mm
  • Blade guard diameter: 92.2 mm
  • Liquidising arm length: 306 mm
  • Total length: 615 mm

Whisk function

  • Motor speed: 200 – 1500 rpm
  • Capacity (egg whites): 2 – 50
  • Revolving arm length: 396 mm
  • Total length (with revolving arm): 704 mm
  • Net weight: 4.61 Kg
  • Noise level (1m.): <80 dB(A)

Crated dimensions

  • 455 x 475 x 117 mm

Default equipment

  • Variable speed motor block.
  • MA-31 mixer arm.
  • Whisk BA-30.
  • Wall mount.

Optional equipment

  • MA-32 mixer arm.
  • MA-33 mixer arm



  • Professional hand blender and beater.
  • Professional hand blender designed for carrying out different preparations without the need for add-on tools.
  • Professional Y-blade, made from tempered steel and with a long-duration cutting edge.
  • Vario-speed: variable speed.
  • Mixer arm designed to work in recipients of up to 30 litres.
  • Beater with capacity for 2 to 50 egg whites.

Maximum comfort for the user

  • Compact design: logical and manageable size.
  • Ergo-design & bi-mat-grip: external casing made in two materials for an ergonomic hold. Anti-slip grip. Optimum inclination of handle, minimising fatigue.
  • Click-on-arm: detachable arm with fast and secure closure.
  • Mixer arm hood designed to avoid splashes.
  • Intuitive use: very simple operation. LED warning light in two colours to indicate the status of the machine.

Built to last

  • Professional performance: capable of carrying out prolonged work without the casing overheating.
  • Life-plus: equipped with a motor which has passed all of the most demanding usage tests.
  • Studied geometry: casing designed to avoid rolling and falling.
  • Easy to clean: detachable arms, can be cleaned under the tap.
  • Approved by NSF: guaranteed safety and hygiene.