Sammic – Vacuum Sealer – SU-806

Sammic – Vacuum Sealer – SU-806

Increases the shelf life of raw or cooked food, with no loss of weight.
Designed for packaging raw or cured food, for packaging traditionally cooked products, for sous-vide cooking, for packaging frozen products to be frozen later, or for “non-food” use.
3.9″ LCD colour screen displaying all information at a glance and backlit touch keyboard.                                    25-programme memory with blocking option.
Powered by Busch.
Vacuum controlled by extremely accurate sensor: precise and consistent results
every time regardless of the amount to be packaged. Vacuum PLUS option
after achieving a vacuum of 99%.
“Pause” button for marinating food in the chamber.
Phased vacuum programme for soft, porous products. This allows removal of
the air trapped in the product.
Detection of the evaporation of liquids: Maximum safety in the packaging of
liquids, avoiding spillages.
Double seal.
Cordless sealing bar: obstacle-free chamber, making cleaning and maintenance
Sealing bars equipped with curved resistors that allow the removal of product
residues and ensure the tightness of the seal.
Bag sealing programme to allow programming of a lower vacuum.
Optional inert gas injection system.
Progressive decompression: ensures maximum product care and prevents the
puncturing of the bag in the case of products with sharp edges.
Vac-Norm ready: capability for external vacuum creation in Vac-Norm
containers controlled by sensor. Automatic decompression for removal of the
tube at the end of the cycle.
Made of high quality stainless steel.
Stainless steel chamber.
Damped transparent lid of high durability polycarbonate.
Optional label printing system and traceability through automatic label printing.
Models with Bluetooth connectivity and SmartApp for introducing texts and
vacuum programme via mobile device.
Dry-oil programme for drying the pump, prolonging its useful life.
Working hours counter for oil changes.
Safety system with protection against exceeding maximum operating time and
vacuum failure.
NSF-listed model: guaranteed safety and hygiene.





Pump capacity: 63 m3/h
Bar length: 530 mm + 848 mm
Total loading: 1500 W
Vacuum pressure (maximum): 0.5 mbar

Internal dimensions

·Width: 864 mm
·Depth: 603 mm
·Height: 215 mm

External dimensions (WxDxH)

·Width: 960 mm
·Depth: 757 mm
·Height: 998 mm

Net weight: 232 Kg
Noise level (1m.): 75 dB(A)
Background noise: 32 dB(A)