UNOX – CHEFTOP-X™ Digital.ID™ – XEDA-0611-GXRS

UNOX – CHEFTOP-X™ Digital.ID™ – XEDA-0611-GXRS

  • Combi oven
  • Gas
  • 10 trays 600×400
  • Hinge on the left side
  • 9.5″ Touch control panel

Technologically advanced combi oven for fresh or frozen baking
processes and for gastronomy cooking processes (dehydrating,
steaming, low temperature baking, sous vide cooking, roasting,
grilling, pan frying, regeneration and plate regeneration) thanks to
Unox Intensive Cooking and Intelligence Performance technologies
which guarantee perfect results and repeatability for any load size.
Automatic management of cooking processes (CHEFUNOX) for
perfect results even without a trained staff.

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Manual set
• Cooking steps: up to 9
• Temperature: 30 °C – 300 °C
• Preheating: up to 300 °C
• CLIMA.Control: humidity setting from 10% to 100% and
continuous measurement of the actual humidity present in the
cooking chamber
• Fan speed: 5 continuous speeds (2.700 rpm) and 2
AIR.Tornado speeds (3.600 rpm)
• Storable programs: 1000+
• Delta T cooking with core probe
• Customisable semi-automatic programmes. They suggest
temperature, ventilation and humidity settings based on the
type of cooking chosen by the operator (grilling, browning,
steaming, etc.).
Automatic set
• Individual.CHEFUNOX: intelligent feature that asks for users’
feedback on recently completed cooking processes. It uses
machine learning technology to elaborate the feedback
received, learn operator preferences, and improve preset
cooking programmes in the built-in cooking library. Parameters
will automatically be set for the next cooking procedure
• MULTI.Time: manages and monitors up to 10 cooking
processes at the same time
Advanced and automatic cooking features
Unox Intelligent Performance
•• ADAPTIVE.Cooking™: automatically adjusts the cooking
parameters according to the food load to ensure repeatable
• SMART.Preheating: automatically sets the temperature and
duration of the preheating according to the previous modes of
• SENSE.Klean: estimates the degree of dirt of the oven and
suggests the most suitable automatic washing
• SMART.Energy: automatic energy-saving function that
minimises water, electricity or gas consumption in programmes
exceeding one hour of cooking time. It recognises the absence
of food in the cooking chamber and activates the stand-by
mode reducing temperature and consumption. Analyses oven
usage to provide energy-saving tips (e.g. warns that the door
has remained open for too long)
• HEY.Unox: voice recognition technology that allows to interact
with the oven, giving commands and receiving audio-visual
feedback directly on the panel
• OPTIC.Cooking: intelligent technology that enables the oven to
recognise food and automatically start the appropriate cooking
programme when cooking in MULTI.Time mode
Main features
Sturdy stainless steel external structure for maximum thermal
• All-stainless-steel slam shut door
• Integrated ultra-bright 16’’ capacitive control panel
• Cooking chamber in AISI 316L stainless steel for maximum
corrosion resistance
• Motors with reversing multi-fan system and symmetrical linear
heating elements with high power density
• Compacted covering with welded stainless steel tube lattice
• Double LED bar with warm and cold tone adjustment
integrated in the door
• PRESSURE.Klean: automatic washing system with recirculation
• Integrated DET&RINSE™ ULTRA detergent container
• RO.Care: integrated resin filter system that neutralizes the
formation scale. It filters up to 1300 L of water with one
cartridge and is equipped with a filter exhaustion sensor
• Digital.ID™ Operating System
• Built-in microphone enabling call and voice control functions
• Built-in Wi-Fi internet connection
• HACCP Data Download
• Built-in hand shower
• Triple glazing to minimise heat loss and maximise energy
• C-shaped perforated tray supports with anti-overturn system
• Drip tray connected to the drain and integrated into the door.
Functioning also when the door is open
• Motor speed adjustable between 900 rpm and 3600 rpm
• MULTI.Point core probe with 4 measuring points