Kolb – Convection Oven – Atoll 800/800T

Kolb – Convection Oven Atoll – 800/800T

Atoll 800 is able to offer sizable productivity while delivering consistent baking result identical to larger professional ovens. It is specially designed for open-kitchen bakeries to bake all kinds of puff pastries, baguette, tarts and other snack ,both fresh and frozen.

Product Advantage

  • Newly designed double glass design, more easier for observation and cleaning
  • Bidirectional hot air circulation for even baking results
  • Electromagnetic door lock – the door opens automatically when the baking program finishes
  • USB port option for easy program storage and transfer, for chain operations
  • The Newly launched Easy Touchscreen PCB support with automatic cleaning system
  • Other models: Smaller size Atoll 600 and Puff version available for your option



Technical Data

Product Model

K03-86X4D00RK K03-86X4E00RK K03-86X4D00PK
Outside Dimensions
Max. Capacity 4 levels 4 pcs 600x400mm
Color for Choosing Sliver, Black
Heating power 9kW
Electricity Demand 380-400V 50/60Hz 3N, PE / 13.5A
Standard accessories 4 Baking Trays (600x400mm)