Kolb – Roll-in – Proofer – K11-RO68D6

Kolb – Roll-in – Proofer – K11-RO68D6

KOLB Proofer is able to accelerate the fermentation process of dough with pre-set temperature and humidity. KOLB Roll-in Proofer is suitable to handle bulk volume of dough, it is designed for large bakery, hotel and workshop.

Product Advantage

  • Use of high quality PU for better insulation, hence energy savings
  • Imported fans with duel air outlets for better evenness of temperature and humidity
  • PCB control panel for more precise control of humidity and temperature
  • Stable humidity and temperature for optimal dough quality
  • Proofing capacity from 1 trolley(600x800mm)to 6 trolleys



Technical Data

Product Model K11-RO68D1 K11-RO68D2  K11-RO68D4 K11-RO68D6
Door hinge Single door (Hinge Right or Left) Double or Four door
1155x1135x2165 1155x1980x2165 2000x2030x2165 2570x2030x2165
when door open (mm)
D=1940 D=2787 D=3652.5 D=3650
Rack Capacity
1 trolley 2 trolleys 4 trolleys 6 trolleys
Heating power 6.2kW
Electricity Demand 380-400V, 50/60Hz, 3N, PE/13.6A
Required accessories Climate Unit (K11-CU01D)