Salva – Rotary Oven – Sirocco

Salva – Rotary Oven – Sirocco

SIROCCO is a large-capacity rotary rack oven which is built to bake an endless range of bakery and cake products. SALVA’s wide range of rotary ovens has been designed so artisan bakers can find the model best suited to their baking requirements and available space. They are defined by their robustness, versatility and low maintenance. Available in three models, depending on the size of the rack used and the amount of dough to be baked in each batch.




Robustness and reliability

Designed to work continuously and without rest.


Low consumption

The high-density fibreglass insulation makes full use of the heat generated.


Easy maintenance and long working life

Their simple maintenance mean they are an unbeatable long-term investment.


Consistent baking

High baking quality guaranteed in any type of product.