Rational – Self Cooking Centre – SCCXSE

Rational – Self Cooking Centre – SCCXSE

Combi Electric Oven – (6 GN 2/3)





The SelfCookingCentre XS is a space saving alternative to the larger SelfCookingCentre Plus unit. With innovative technology built into the unit you can monitor the efficiency of your cooking and control the unit connected to your iPhone. This piece of equipment provides exceptional cooking results, within a compacted unit, perfect for kitchens restricted for space.

Compete with:

  • Capacity of 6 x 2/3 GN and can cook 20- 80 meals per day
  • Cooking temperatures of up to 300 degrees
  • ClimaPlus Control precisely measures humidity and climate management for perfect cook results
  • Limitless cooking variety, combining steam and heat includes grilling, baking, roasting, braising, steaming, stewing, poaching and more
  • With icookingControl, HiDensityControl and iLevelControl the unit provides top quality results and adapts the cooking settings to your desired result
  • Easy to operate control panel placed on the left hand side
  • Provides the same cooking result as the SelfCookingCentre, just in a compact unit, perfect for kitchens restricted for space
  • Intelligent automated cleaning CareControl which detects dirt, lime scale and removes these at a touch of a button
  • Cleaning cycles can be programmed automated for specific times
  • Very adaptable unit suitable for varied business types, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, butchers, petrol stations and more
  • LED lighting ensures optimum illumination of both the cooking cabinet and each individual rack
  • Triple glass door with heat reflection coating ensures minimum heat loss. This saves up to 10% of energy costs and all three panels of glass can also be cleaned
  • Energy consumption display allows you to see how much energy is being used on each cooking process
  • Connect your iPhone to RATIONAL Remote function to control and monitor everything, even when not in the kitchen


  • No. of Meals – 20-80 meals per day
  • Capacity (GN/Grids) – 6 x 2/3GN
  • Power Supply – Electric
  • Electrical supply – 3 NAC 400 V
  • Water Connection – R 3/4″
  • Water outlet – DN 40
  • Weight – 72kg
  • Dimensions – 567 (h) x 655 (w) x 555 (d) (mm)