Salva – Convection Oven – Metro

Salva – Convection Oven – Metro

Large capacity for high production.




SALVA’s METRO ovens are forced convection, fixed-rack ovens that can be used in any type of business. Their careful design means they can be used to bake a wide range of products, achieving high production levels thanks to the use of racks. Their meticulous design includes high-quality components that make them the most robust oven on the market. The main characteristics of these units are: highly consistent baking, low consumption and a modern, easily recognisable design.


High production

  • A large production oven in a compact space.

Consistent baking

  • Applied technology to achieve consistent baking.

Low consumption and profitability

  • Cutting-edge technology focused on low consumption to ensure a profitable business.


  • The latest energy innovations make it the most efficient oven on the market.

Modern appearance

  • Careful, demanding design to accompany your business style.