Salva – Deck Oven – Modular

Salva – Deck Oven – Modular

Unrivalled in the bakery, cake and pizzeria sector for their excellent baking and versatility.




SALVA’s modular ovens are the result of the extensive experience and hard work of SALVA’s R&D team. Their design and construction have been perfected over the years, resulting in the Modular oven we know today, a benchmark in the sector.


Excellent baking

  • The secret of the modular oven is in its sweet baking. Perfect gentle baking is achieved thanks to the use of ceramic elements to heat the oven.

Meticulously designed

  • With a robust design, the viewing surface of the door has been increased by 30%, along with a 70% decrease in leakages, while cleaning the door is now practical and simple.

Automated, simple management

  • The new control panel layout improves visibility and handling, with the option of fitting 2 different control panels: e-future and advance.