Salva – Bread Slicers – TZ-45 SELF

Salva – Bread Slicers – TZ-45 SELF

Equipment for slicing loaves. There are different machine configurations depending on the type of customer and the type of bread to be sliced (round, elongated, hard crust, softu2026). They have robust, reliable mechanics and count on numerous innovations in terms of safety, design, ergonomics and performance. Both table-mounted and free-standing bread slicers are available.






The slicer SALVA is characterized by the ease of use, quality of cut and ergonomics. It is designed for the continuous work and allows to cut or slice any type of bread.

  • Any type of bread
  • Automatic operation
  • Speedy, with precisional cut clean slice
  • Silence and vibration free
  • Security Doors
  • Reliable